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Core Tools

A specially designed course for ISO/TS16949:2002.

The TS standard created the opportunity for customer specific requirements to become a part of the standard without being directly included with the standard itself. As a result, automotive suppliers are learning first-hand that just covering and knowing the standard itself doesn't meet the internal auditing requirements of the North American Big Three OEM's. The customer's requirements specifically include the core quality tools of the automotive industry: APQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC, and MSA.

CAPANO & ASSOCIATES has specially crafted this training course to include the customer specific requirements of the Big Three along with focused overviews of the core quality tools found at automotive suppliers for Tier One suppliers and downward. Critical thinking overviews of each of the core quality tools has been derived from the eight-hour and 16-hour training classes that CAPANO & ASSOCIATES has to help with core tools use and implementation. These focused subsets of information are designed to help TS practitioners, management reps, team member, and internal auditors proficiently understand the complete requirements of the TS standard AND their customers.

The complex relationships of the Customer Requirements, The TS Standard, and the required Core Quality Tools are graphically simplified. Certified auditors receive continuous training and requirements updates from CAPANO & ASSOCIATES and will facilitate concise discussions and lecture topics.

As is the case with all CAPANO & ASSOCIATES courses, the approach is to provide you with the most information in the shortest period of time so as to optimize your time away from the facility. Therefore, the frantic pace of the course is fast and intense in order to cover a ton of valuable material in an extremely limited period of time. It promises to be some of the most intense training you've been through. This is not for the light of heart or mind.

Students that want to gain more information about any one of the core quality tools should investigate the schedules that CAPANO & ASSOCIATES has for these individual courses. Each course is also available as onsite training courses.