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The more you understand the engineering details surrounding form, fit, and function before prototyping begins, the closer you are to getting it right the first time. The Capano & Associates approach to plastic product and component development enables you to predict performance and optimize the design before a commitment is made for tooling. This methodology, when properly applied, can result in significant reductions in development time and total delivered cost.

Our principal objective is making your product a commercial success. We define success as a product reaching its target market on time…at the right price point…delivering quality consistent with market needs…and performance consistent with market demands. We achieve success by focusing on five key issues: (1) understanding and responding to your market, (2) understanding and responding to your business situation, (3) managing risks throughout the project, (4) managing unit manufactured costs throughout the project, and (5) following a defined, managed development process.

Capano & Associates uses the latest design, analysis and experimental tools to model performance and predict failures before they happen. We also offer a full range of prototype molding services. In addition to avoiding costly failures, the benefits of a turn-key approach include:

Products Packaging Development
  • Accelerated Development Cycles
  • Reduced Design Iteration and Downstream Rework
  • Maximized Functional Performance of Finished Product
  • Minimized Material Usage
  • Simplified Design and Manufacture
  • Evaluation of Alternate Materials
  • Reduced Product Liability

Concept Development and Visual Prototypes
Early in the product development process, we couple the industrial design aspects of a product—such as ergonomics and aesthetics—with critical engineering considerations that include function, assembly, manufacturing and materials.

Preliminary Design
Key design and technology challenges of the proposed design are attacked first. This may involve classical engineering calculations, detailed discussions with potential suppliers, CAD layouts and literature searches. The commercial and technical feasibility of every part must be verified before committing full development resources. A preliminary design is then presented to our client for feedback and approval.

The design process involves a broad range of considerations that cross many disciplines. Required expertise may include materials, electronics and structural engineering, software development, as well as in-depth knowledge of the latest industrial codes. Stress Engineering offers all these under one roof.

Fabrication Drawings
Once a product design has been fine-tuned based on analysis results, the next step in the process is to create detailed fabrication drawings from which a fully functional prototype can be built.

Instrumentation and Functional Testing
For products that require more thorough validation before design finalization, we offer clients a fully equipped lab and testing facility, as well as highly specialized instrumentation and data-collection capabilities.

Final Design
This is where the client’s investment in a new product or process is rewarded with a fully proven, production-ready final design that satisfies all original objectives.