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What is Business Process Improvement?

Business Process Management has been around for many years, and is yet to mature into a structured and acknowledged discipline. BPM is still a catch-all phrase used by anyone who wants to “do something” with business processes rather than someone following best practices or proven methodologies. Many so-called BPM professionals prefer to develop their own methodology from scratch rather than focus on realizing business benefits using existing and proven methodologies to improve and manage processes.

Academic Industry

In cooperation with Capano & Associates, The Higher Learning Commission is offering a comprehensive training course to prepare faculty and staff to support their quality initiatives.

Automotive Industry

Capano & Associates close working relationship with the IATF and the IAOB, and our participation in their deliberations, provided us with unique insights. That knowledge was used to design carefully targeted training programs. As a result, these courses do not waste your time. They focus on the body of knowledge and skills required by the automotive, worldwide leaders for optimal performance needed to receive the greatest benefit from compliance.

Aerospace Industry

We have an agreement to create training that will streamline employee training in quality standards and procedures. Training curricula and expertise in deploying ISO, AQS and BQMS quality standards is available.

Consumer Products

Capano & Associates is an industry leader in the predictive analysis of the performance of plastic components, simulation of manufacturing processes, and testing of materials. Our engineers use the latest design, analysis and experimental tools and methods to accurately model product and process performance, determine reliability, and to predict failures before they occur.

We specialize in helping consumer products manufacturers improve profitability by dramatically reducing development time, eliminating trial and error rework, compressing process cycle times, rapidly resolving problems in the trade, and reducing risks associated with product liability. From toys to appliance components and a variety of other consumer products, we offer the most comprehensive performance simulation services in the industry.

Some of our Consumer Product services include:

Environmental Industry

The ISO 14000 Training System consists of three major components: needs assessment, classroom training modules appropriate for each group identified as needing training, and on-site coaching. The coaching component is to ensure that learning is successfully applied so that the client organization achieves ISO 14001 compliance or registration. Please click here to find out more information regarding the tools and training offered for the environmental industry.

Healthcare Industry

Capano & Associates is currently working with several Physician and Pharmaceutical Companies to provide ISO 9001:2000 training to organizations in the healthcare industry. The Program was developed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center to recognize health care organizations that provide the very best in nursing care and uphold the tradition within nursing of professional nursing practice.

Process Management Tools

Capano & Associates has developed training for software to assist organizations utilize the process approach to management. The software provides assistance in analyzing processes for those implementing, managing and auditing a process-based quality management system. In addition to the software, we also offer process management training that complements Process Management Approach.