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Project Management

Audit Assistance Details

Our consultants are available to perform baseline audits, internal audits, and pre-assessment audits. We are qualified to conduct audits for ISO 9000, QS-9000 (automotive), TL 9000 (telecommunications), AS9100 (aerospace), TickIT (software), and CMM (software).

The baseline audit includes a gap analysis to identify any missing or weak areas of your quality system. This information is used to prepare a project plan for implementing the necessary documents and practices.

We can conduct internal audits to fulfill this ISO 9001 requirement for your organization. Our consultants can also participate with your auditors to coach them on their interviewing and observation skills.

Our pre-assessment audit provides a readiness check before the Registrar arrives for the registration audit. Based on our understanding of your practices, and using our auditing experience, we can consult with you to achieve an improved and compliant system.